How to get a Canadian visa easily

In this article, I write for you everything you need to know about the Canadian tourist visa: an explanation of the file required, how to write an invitation letter, important tips, and mistakes that you should not make.

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First, before talking about the visa, you must understand one very important thing. Canada is a country with great opportunities to work, study, and everything. It is true that the Canadian visa is a bit difficult, but if you meet all the requirements, it will become very easy for you to enter Canada, that is, everything becomes easy from studying to finding a job that will change your life.

Visa Tourisme: It is one of the fairly easy and quick solutions

Canadian visa requirements 2023

An employee, a private employer, or your soul … The important thing is that your situation is legal, that is, you have insurance.

It is better to be married and if you have children it is better and better. Rani said it’s better, I mean it’s not mandatory.

It is better to have a house, apartment, land, or shop in your name (the car does not matter), better means not mandatory.

You have a bank balance in local currency, in euros or in dollars…and have had the account for at least three months. It means the movement (money entering and leaving the account).

It is best if your relative (your brother, sister, uncle, uncle, aunt …) manages an invitation letter for you. It’s better, I mean, not mandatory

In the letter of invitation, he writes there that he will receive you at his place, will live with him, eat and drink with him, and will specify the duration and time of the visit. Visiting for 15 days and being a little away, for example, from 1st October to 15th October 2022.

The invitation letter must be typed on the computer and signed and only, and it is not required to be signed in the municipality.

Canada grants you a visa until your passport expires. You can travel at any time, no need to wait until October 1st and leave on October 15th.

If you do not have a relative in Canada, you can make a hotel reservation. You need to convince immigration assistance that you are going back to your country, so the marriage status will benefit you a lot, or a house in your name so that immigration can be convinced that you are really going for tourism.

Errors when applying for a Canadian visa

When applying for a visa, do not rush, do not tell the Immigration Department as soon as you want to immigrate, in the event that you obtain a Canadian visa, buy a return ticket in a short period of time, not in 4 months

Get organized and organize your file. The file should be well studied and until the time you arrive in Canada, choose it carefully. I mean, you can put the file now, but the visit will be in July or August, for example.

It is best if the duration of the visit is from two weeks to a month

When you buy a plane ticket when coming to Canada, it is best that the return date to your country is within a month or less. For example, it arrives on February 15th and returns on March 15th.

If you have a relative in Canada, here are the requirements for writing a letter the invitation

A message he writes on the computer and puts the following information in it:

Sender: last name, first name, phone number, email address, and return address, as well as their status in Canada (permanent resident, Canadian citizenship, or student)

Recipient: last name, first name, date of birth, address of the recipient, and their relationship to you (your brother, cousin, friend, etc.)

Duration of stay (preferably 15 days) and date of visit (preferably specifying the date in summer)

The purpose of the visit (of course tourism)

In the letter, he wrote that he would take care of lodging, food, and drink, as well as other emergency expenses.

The letter he prints and signs with his hand (if he wants to go to the municipality, even better), scans it, and sends it to you by e-mail.

Along with the letter, a copy of your passport, permanent residence, or work permit will be sent to you

He will also send you the last 3 payslips (if he is an employee), and he will also send you his work certificate (if he is an employee), all this will be sent to you via email.

The file required to obtain a Canadian tourist visa:

  • A valid passport
  • Copy of all pages of the passport
  • A hotel reservation certificate or an invitation from a relative in Canada

For workers and employees:

  • Business Certificate
  • Three months’ salary certificates
  • Insurance affiliation certificate

For traders:

  • commercial registry (commercial registry)
  • Insurance affiliation certificate
  • tax paper (tax declaration)

For students:

  • School certificate
  • A certificate certifying your possession of an amount of 4,000 euros or more, showing the origin of the money (guarantor, bank guarantor account paper…)
  • A credit certificate from the bank proving that you have 4,000 euros or more
  • Real estate and furniture certificate in your name, if any
  • ID photos
  • Travel insurance certificate
  • Plane ticket booking (not required)

Fill out the forms and good luck to everyone.

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