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There are several types of visas granted to Great Britain. Visas differ, of course, in terms of their purpose, but also in the duration of stay, the possibility (or impossibility) of renewing the visa and continuing their stay until permanent residence and even citizenship, and the possibility of bringing the beneficiary of the visa to him. / her first degree family members (husband) and children and obtaining a visa that allows them to work, study and benefit from public medical services.

The conditions for obtaining various visas range from the very difficult to the comfortable and encouraging, but what is common to all is the famous strictness of the British Home Office regarding the required documents and proof of compliance with the various visas. To this end, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a specialist with experience in this field to avoid rejecting the application due to a technical error or misunderstanding of the requirements.

Types of immigrant visas to England

Spouse Visa / Marriage Visa:

If both spouses are over the age of 18, one of whom is a citizen or permanent resident of England, and has been married or in a relationship of “marital nature” for at least two years prior to the application, an immigrant visa for England can be obtained. The annual income of the spouse in the UK must be at least £18,600 per annum, or more if the application includes children.

Student visa for England

Student visa for England

A student visa to England is a visa that is in particular demand by many Israelis. This visa allows you to study at some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world, with a proud history that attracts many foreign students. Everyone has heard of Oxford and Cambridge, but there are dozens of other educational institutions that Israelis can apply to and study at. It is important to know that international students, i.e. students who are not British citizens or citizens of EU countries, must obtain a student visa for Great Britain in advance, before their arrival, in order to attend a British university. In this article, immigration attorney Joshua Fix explains the process of obtaining a student visa for Great Britain.

You must have been accepted to study at a UK university before you can apply for a visa

To apply for a student visa for England, the applicant must have been accepted into a recognized academic institution in the UK. After admission, the University issues a Confirmation of Admission for Studies abbreviated: CAS, which is the main requirement for applying for a student visa in England (Tier 4 visa).

The prerequisite for applying for a student visa for England is a full programme, so admission to a part-time program is not sufficient. UK immigration laws state that the full program includes a minimum of 15 hours of study per week.

Proof of economic ability

Student visa for England Any foreign student who obtains a visa to enter England must prove that he is able to finance his studies and remain in Great Britain, so as not to be a burden on the British economy.

First, you must provide evidence of your ability to pay tuition fees for the first year.

Secondly, to obtain a UK student visa, you need to prove that you are able to fund your own living expenses for the first year of your stay in the UK. Amounts vary by course and place of study. There is a difference between studying in and outside London. At the same time, it must be borne in mind that in addition to paying university tuition fees, living expenses of between £1,000 and £1,200 per month must be paid for accommodation and living.

English language test – To get a student visa, you must prove your English language proficiency

International students are usually required to pass an English language proficiency test. The test is conducted by an institute approved by the UK immigration authorities. The cost of the exam is about 1200 shekels. It should be noted that students who meet various requirements may be exempted from the English language test, but in most cases you will need to pass an English language proficiency test in order to obtain a student visa to Britain.

Completed application form for a student visa in Great Britain

The application for a student visa to Great Britain must be completed through the UK Home Office website. The application fee costs £348 (as of 27.05.18). In addition, the international student must pay for health insurance for the period of stay in Great Britain, which totals £150 per annum. All required documents must be submitted with the application: form, CAS, proof of financial ability, English language test execution certificate, and others.

It is very important to ensure that you complete the form accurately and submit the documents required by the UK Home Office. Please note that many applications may be rejected on technical grounds, even when the student fulfills the basic requirements.

Where should the UK student visa application be submitted?

After completing the online application and printing the certificate, you must go to the UK Immigration Office to submit the application. There she was photographed and fingerprinted. The application is sent to Great Britain for further processing.

Approval or rejection of a UK student visa application

It is advised to start the procedure beforehand and consult experts in the field as there is no appeal against rejection of a student visa application. Refusal of the application means paying the fee and resubmitting certain documents.

Often, after an application is rejected, there is not enough time to collect documents and submit a new application.

Most academic programs start in September or October, so you must apply for a visa before August. The average time to apply for a student visa in the UK is around one month.

Are students’ family members able to reside in Britain?

Yes, in the case of undergraduate or doctoral studies, the family members (spouse and children) of the international student are called “dependents” and can obtain a visa to enter Great Britain for the duration of the foreign student visa. In addition, the spouses can work full time. In addition, children can integrate into schools in Britain and benefit from government health services.

How many years can I get a student visa for England?

You can get a study visa for up to 5-6 years.

Is it possible to work while studying?

Yes, you can only work up to 20 hours during your studies, and it is a part time job that allows you to focus on the main task, studies.

Converting a Student Visa to an Immigrant Visa in Great Britain?

After graduation, international students who want to continue living in Britain can apply for a work visa if they find an employer who wants to hire them. The option to continue to reside in the UK after graduation is also open to students who meet the requirements of the immigration authorities to obtain other UK visas, such as a business or investor visa, as required by the UK immigration authorities.

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