Google Cardboard Vs Oculus Rift

Google Cardboard is a discontinued virtual reality platform. Named after its foldable cardboard viewer, it was designed to be inexpensive, making it attractive to a wide range of consumers. Despite its discontinuity, the technology continues to inspire interest in VR applications. Here are three things you should know about the former:ViarBox VR Viewer The ViarBox … Read more

Discontinued Google Products

Discontinued Google products include Google Photos, Google Maps, and AdSense. In addition to these, Google is constantly working on new projects that could become powerful services. Read on to discover some of the products that have been discontinued and which ones are still worth using. We hope you find this article helpful. Let us know … Read more

Chromecast TV Vs Chromecast – A Comparison Guide

When comparing Chromecast TV vs. Chromecast, you may be wondering which one to purchase. There are many pros and cons to each device, including different streaming qualities, remote control, and Apps. To make an informed decision, read this comparison guide. Here are some of the main differences between these two devices. Streaming Quality – Chromecast … Read more

How to Use the Google Pay App

Have you heard about Google Pay? It is a digital wallet platform that powers in-app purchases, online purchases, and in-person transactions. You can also use it to pay with your Android phone or watch. Read on to learn how to use the Google Pay app. Adding cards to your Google Wallet account is easy, and … Read more